Beatboxing, or vocal percussion, is a way of making music without playing any instrument. All the sounds are produced solely with the mouth. This enables human beatboxers to form their own beats as well as covering your favourite tune.

Zerox first saw the light of day on April 14, 1989. He accidentally discovered beatboxing at the age of 15 when he noticed on the busrides to school that he was able to produce extraordinary sounds with his mouth. Unaware of what had happened, he decided to browse the Internet for information. A few years later, Zerox has blossomed into a renowned Belgian artist. As his skills improved, he got the opportunity to work with Belgium’s finest beatboxers, such as Fatty K, Roxorloops and céto.
Beatboxing is gaining popularity among the general crowd. Nevertheless, Zerox is determined to achieve new goals and work very hard to keep surprising his audience.
Zerox can be booked as an artist, performing showcases, as well as a tutor, individually or in groups. During an intense workshop he will teach you the basics of beatboxing. After all, everyone is able to learn beatboxing; although, this requires practice!


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You might have seen Zerox live at the following events:

Flandres’ Festival (Ode Gand), Ghent – “Fatty K & friends” (Ken Flamant, Bram Raeymaekers, Jonas Van Tornhout)
Soirée Exotique, Drongen 2008,2009 – in collaboration with Tête à Tête
Vozzmozz, Ghent – i.s.m Tête à Tête
Hip Hop,electro festival Les Ardentes, Luik 2008,2009,2010 – in collaboration with Media Markt
Sint Pieters’ ball (ICC), Ghent – in collaboration with Tête à Tête
Rewind (JOC Wijland), Puurs - in collaboration with Roxorloops
Soccerspimp Party, Tielt – in collaboration with TMF
interview @ GUNKTv – in collaboration with 2Fabiola
Ketnet – En daarmee basta!
Kunstbende (Kunstencentrum Vooruit) te Gent – received “Best show” award
Jh Mixit in collaboration with Absynth Minded
Decadance Ghentoblaster
Culture Club Ghent Boardx
Boardx surfcamps Spain
Desperados event, Hasselt in collaboration with fast forward events
Festival les ardentes, Liège






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